We’ve got the Beet!

We are getting close to April 8th and everything is falling (very orderly like) into place.  We’ve got the Interior Design Student Organization on our side to help us with flow and matching, we’ve got the I.D.E.A. association on board with a community art project, and an art show in the works.  The press has been released, we’ve tested recipes, and now – to the screen printing!  Our friend Clem is going to assist us with our screen printing this Sunday noon – 5 at Fletcher Collective on 302 Walnut Street.  We’ve been making a lot of cute little beet pins and patches, and we’ll make more of these this Sunday as well!

We are still looking for furniture loans and donations to create the “atmosphere” part of our vision (aka the book nook).  If you have anything you’d want to let us borrow for the night, or know of a place that might be willing to donate furniture, please send us an email!  We are also looking for games and knick-knacks for the book nook.

Student Art submissions are being accepted in room 1313 of Faunce Student Services building until April 1st.  Show us your art!

Check out this cool article about The Campus Beet in Southwest Michigan’s Second Wave!

Just as a side note, Abe learned how to play “We’ve Got the Beet” on his ukulele.  This could be epic…


About The Campus Beet

The Campus Beet is a registered student organization at Western Michigan University trying to organize and develop a student-run sustainable cafe. We aim to source more local and organic food and serve more vegetarian, vegan, gluten free meals while building a space for student art, music and culture. We have weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 7PM in the Bernhard Center dining room if you would like to help.
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4 Responses to We’ve got the Beet!

  1. Muzzell says:

    Thanks for adding the links- makes everything super easy to find!

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  3. Liz Billings says:

    It’s fantastic that WMU students are creating a space that combines individual creativity (art, music, and culture) with individual responsibility (local and organic sustainable food).

    Did you know that Michigan MarketMaker is a free service of MSU Product Center that enables all consumers and businesses to source locally produced, artisan food products, meats and produce? MarketMaker makes it easy for everyone to buy local and help to create a thriving economy and culture statewide – and the food tastes better too! Visit http://mimarketmaker.msu.edu/ and check out the interactive maps.

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