Beets grow best in the summer

Well, The Campus Beet has had a great two semesters since our beginning in early October.  Lots of accomplishments for the group and friendships made along the way.  Thanks to everyone for your hard work and support towards the student-led cafe initiative!

But even though schools out, that doesn’t mean we’re not hard at work!  Our first meeting of the summer is Wednesday, May 11th at 7 PM in the Faculty Dining room of the Bernhard Center.

group photo

The Campus Beet's last meeting of April! Photo courtesy of Aysha 🙂

The following night (Thursday, May 12th), we’re starting the summer off right with a recruitment event/bonfire/cookout! Great opportunity for those who have been wanting to get involved and whose schedules have settled down during the summer.  Meet the group and hear about the many many plans we have in store for us this summer!

The Sunday after the bonfire, we will be workshopping our business plan at The Gibbs House.  Be a part of our editing crew and presentation design team – we need YOU to help cut the red tape!  For more details, visit the upcoming events page.

Be sure to stay updated on whats new for the Beet by checking out our new calendar page!


About The Campus Beet

The Campus Beet is a registered student organization at Western Michigan University trying to organize and develop a student-run sustainable cafe. We aim to source more local and organic food and serve more vegetarian, vegan, gluten free meals while building a space for student art, music and culture. We have weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 7PM in the Bernhard Center dining room if you would like to help.
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2 Responses to Beets grow best in the summer

  1. Deborah says:

    This blog is a breath of fresh air! We are working on a community/teaching garden at the University of Maryland ( and just when the mid-summer exhaustion was setting in, you guys reminded me what we are all working for.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Happy harvesting!

    • It’s so nice to hear The Campus Beet has motivated you to keep on keepin’ on! Your blog is a wonderful resource for motivation and inspiration as well! Don’t hesitate to contact us about anything in the future!

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