Business Plans and Farmer Tans

Olivia and Maia having fun in the garden 

We have a lot on our plate right now, two BIG projects!  The first project is a Campus Beet Cafe business plan.  The business committee has been meeting several times a week, with members putting in extra long hours. Mad props to Sasha, current head of the business committee, for dedicating so much time into researching and creating the business plan.  Another big thank you to Brian, WMU business student and newest addition to the business committee, for giving us much-needed business advice and support!  We have 50 solid pages of business plan so far.  Our vision, sourcing, pricing, demographics, labor structure, market analysis, and many other sectors have been covered.  If you would like to help, business meetings are Fridays at noon in room 5302 of Friedmann Hall

We want this business plan to be perfect because on June 1st we are presenting it to Dr. Diane Anderson, V.P. of Student Affairs.  She was impressed with our open house in April and is very excited about The Campus Beet vision.  With the upcoming meeting we hope to show her the logistics of the cafe and prove HOW the campus beet can actually happen.  We will be preparing and practicing our presentation up until the 1st so we can accurately show how great The Campus Beet cafe will run.  Through this meeting we hope to continue our conversation about moving forward.

Business Plan Meeting

One way we unwind from working on the business plan is The Campus Beet garden!  Olivia has really taken charge with this project, moving full speed ahead.  Maia has also done a great job setting up workdays and volunteers, as well as being out in the garden a bunch!  The Campus Beet Garden was made with land donated by Kalamazoo Land Bank, and they have helped us set up a great garden with plenty of veggies, herbs, and flowers.  The land has been tilled, raised beds built, and fresh soil is being spread thanks to our great volunteers and members.  In these next few weeks we will continue getting ready for the actual planting, and then put those seeds in the ground!  If you would like to volunteer (and work on your farmer tan), please do!  Thank you to everyone who has volunteered so far!  We hope for our garden to be a space for getting your hands dirty, meeting with friends, sharing the harvest and building community.   We will also be holding potlucks, small concerts, and other fun events in our beautiful space.  Our garden is located on 1205 Summit Ave. right off of Douglas Ave on the left hand side in Kalamazoo. For info on our garden or set volunteer times email or look on our Facebook page for workdays.

The Garden Crew

The next post will reveal how our big business meeting went and updated pictures of our flourishing garden!


About The Campus Beet

The Campus Beet is a registered student organization at Western Michigan University trying to organize and develop a student-run sustainable cafe. We aim to source more local and organic food and serve more vegetarian, vegan, gluten free meals while building a space for student art, music and culture. We have weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 7PM in the Bernhard Center dining room if you would like to help.
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One Response to Business Plans and Farmer Tans

  1. Elliot T says:

    Great post! You guys should check out — it is a free tool that auto-writes a business plan for you based on your inputs (kind of like TurboTax) and then creates a PDF that you can print off!

    Good luck the campus beet cafe!! Hope this helps!

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