The calendar is currently not being updated, but updates will resume soon. For now, feel free to join us every Tuesday at 7pm  of the 2012-2013 school year for our weekly meetings in the basement of the Wesley Foundation (this is a change from our previous meeting site, the dining area of Bernhard). For special events (like our weekly lunches!) check out our Facebook page: The Campus Beet

4 Responses to Calendar

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  2. fan of beets says:

    Hey- It would be really helpful for people like me who want to attend and support ($) campus beet events if there was an updated calendar on this website, and not just facebook events!

  3. Thanks for the comment! During the summer The Campus Beet is in a ‘stand-by’ mode until the beginning of the fall semester. Please continue to follow us on Facebook (The Campus Beet and The Campus Beet Community Garden) over the summer months to see what we are up to.

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